“The impact and lasting effects of the Covid pandemic means the NHS is not yet back to normal and clinicians are dealing with a tremendous backlog. Those patients who are further down the line are at risk of becoming a priority very soon. Thanks to our partnership with PremaLabs Diagnostics, this gives an opportunity for John Bell & Croyden to support the NHS, reduce the pressure and help to prioritise these patients by supporting those who need help, sooner rather than later.

The PremaLabs capillary blood tests that we provide offer quick, efficient results. We can arm our patients with real numbers that we can discuss with them: recommend actions that they can do themselves; support them within the pharmacy by way of appropriate products and services; recommend specialist clinicians or refer directly for more urgent clinical care.

I am very excited by the wider opportunities that working with PremaLabs Diagnostics can bring in realising my vision for a more joined-up public and private healthcare ecosystem.”

Reshma Malde
Superintendent Pharmacist, John Bell & Croyden

“The introduction of PremaLabs Diagnostics’ COVID antibodies testing at our nursing home services was met with great enthusiasm by our staff. The test’s painless nature and quick results have been significant factors in its success. Our employees have expressed their appreciation for a testing process that is efficient, hassle-free, and provides them with valuable insights into their immunity levels.

The ability to swiftly and accurately determine the presence of COVID antibodies has offered great comfort to our staff. Knowing their immunity levels and being able to identify any potential shortcomings has empowered them to make informed decisions regarding their health and take appropriate action. This not only boosts their confidence but also allows us as an employer to implement necessary measures to ensure their well-being and safety.

The partnership with PremaLabs Diagnostics has exceeded our expectations, and we are excited about the possibilities it holds for future collaborations. The dedication and professionalism demonstrated by their team have been exemplary throughout our engagement. Their commitment to providing high-quality testing services, coupled with their focus on innovation, aligns perfectly with our organisation’s goals and values.

We firmly believe that our continued collaboration with PremaLabs Diagnostics will yield mutually beneficial outcomes. Together, we can explore new opportunities to enhance the health and well-being of our staff and residents, as well as contribute to the larger community’s fight against COVID-19.

In conclusion, I would like to express our gratitude to PremaLabs Diagnostics for their exceptional services and commend them for their contributions in the field of COVID antibodies testing. We look forward to building on our successful partnership and creating a healthier future together.”

Johann van Zyl
CEO, Cornerstone Healthcare Group