Our Vision

We’re passionate about disrupting the health diagnostics market with accessible and affordable point of care testing (POCT) solutions whilst building long-term valuable relationships with our customers and partners. We’ve already grabbed the attention of the market with our innovative technology and our fresh approach, causing quite a stir in healthcare circles.

Our 37 point of care tests utilise innovative TRFIA technology, which give quantitative laboratory-grade results in under 15 minutes using any one of our three analyser devices. These tests empower clinicians, but also individuals to understand their own health so they take appropriate preventative measures and engage with health practitioners at the right time; with the potential to impact diabetes care, antimicrobial resistance and cardiac care to name just a few.

Because our tests are accessible, accurate, cost-effective and easy-to-use we’re breaking the mould from traditional POCT providers; in addition to the NHS, we’re gaining traction with specialist clinics, private GP surgeries and pharmacies; so much so that our PL Mini won the Pharmacy Innovation Product of the Year Award 2023!

According to industry expert, Tony Cambridge (www.poctinnovators.com) “Although some way off, the industry is edging closer to providing the miniature laboratory solution, with adequate quality of results, to ensure healthcare and diagnostics are available in any setting necessary. The single most influential element will certainly be healthcare equality, where patients in remote locations or territories with poor medical infrastructures benefit from diagnostics taken to them.”

We believe that our POCT solution is heralding the future that Tony Cambridge describes, with the potential to make a difference to all of our lives.