Our Company

We’re a small and newly-formed company, based in London. Our team is passionate about making a difference to the health and wellbeing of everyone in our community, and we’re excited to bring our new and innovative POCT solutions to the UK market.

We’re keen to build long-term valuable relationships with our customers and partners so as we grow, we’re working hard to create a company culture that will allow us to do exactly that.

Our Values

Our values form a fundamental part of our culture and business. They describe who we are and what we stand for, and they are signposts for what we need to aspire to in our everyday actions.

Simplicity: We are straightforward to deal with, proposing easy-to-use Point of Care Test solutions that give quality results, with demonstrable efficiencies, and return-on-investment.
Creativity: Our innovative approach is born from the entrepreneurial spirit we encourage and our desire to disrupt the diagnostics market with accessible and affordable Point of Care Test solutions.
Respect: Exchanging ideas and co-operation are key to building long-term relationships based on mutual honesty and trust.
Openness: Our whole approach is based on welcoming new talent and ideas from within and outside the company.
Integrity: We act fairly and are accountable for everything we do ensuring we honour our commitments and act in private as we do in public.