Point of Care Testing (POCT) is still a relatively new area of diagnostics, with the majority of tests being analysed by central laboratories, and some results taking days or even weeks to come back. It’s usual for only one or two tests to be compatible with one POCT analyser device. Where we differ is that we have a total of 37 CE and UKCA marked tests that can be used with a single device.

We’re all used to lateral flow tests, thanks to Covid-19. But unlike the Covid-19 Antigen LFTs which give a positive/negative result, our tests use innovative TRFIA technology, giving quantitative laboratory-grade results in under 15 minutes when used in conjunction with any one of our three analyser devices.

Tests typically use whole-blood, plasma or serum specimens; however, sixteen of the 37 tests require only capillary (finger prick) blood specimens, making it even easier to collect the sample and obtain lab-comparable results in a matter of minutes – from virtually anywhere!